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HMS Enterprises, Inc. Group Health Plan Document IPMG Home Page &  Login Site  (www.ipmg.com/ebs) HMS Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to change carriers, participation percentages, premium rates or even discontinue this benefit at their sole discretion.


     01/01/2016      Weekly/monthly

Cobra Monthly














As of January 1st, 2016 the premium costs to the employee are.... The above costs represent 50% of the total cost of the premium and is the amount to be deducted out of the employee’s payroll. HMS/IPMG Group Health Insurance Enrollment Form HMS Enterprises, Inc. Group Health Insurance Plan Information HMS Enterprises, Inc Schedule of Benefits & Coverage HMS Enterprises, Inc Summary of Group Health Plan To enroll, print the following form, fill it out and return to Susan at Brazilton, go to.. To log in to your personal information and find network providers, go to.. For detailed information on the Group Health Insurance Plan, go to either of the following links.. or Updated version coming soon